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MOTOTRBO Push-To-Talk (PTT) Radio Solutions Advantages Over PTT Cellular

MOTOTRBO Connect Plus Testimonials

MOTOTRBO Digital Voice Quality

Communicate further and be heard clearer than ever before thanks to the digital voice quality of MOTOTRBO™ radios from Motorola Solutions.

MOTOTRBO™ Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth audio unleashes you and your MOTOTRBO™ radio from Motorola Solutions, allowing you to work in ways you never thought possible.

MOTOTRBO™ Long Range Wireless Mobile Solution

Stay connected to your mobile radio up to 100 meters away from your vehicle with Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO™ Long Range Wireless Mobile Solution.

Radio VS Cell Phone: In Manufacturing, Radio Proves The Clear Winner

Bob and Mike are two Manufacturing Production Managers. Bob has a cell phone, and Mike is equipped with a digital two-way radio, designed for tough environments. Watch to see who reacts more efficiently, and learn more about digital radios for manufacturing, warehouse, and plant operations.

Digital Radios vs. Cell Phones: Which Better Prepare Schools?

See how digital radios outperform cell phones in emergencies and during extreme weather. Learn why digital radios can better prepare schools to protect students, faculty, and staff

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